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Realife: Winner AdventureX 2018
Business Model Competition

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Realife is a digital marketplace for extraordinary, authentic experiences offered by locals to tourists and locals. Customers can find, book and pay for the experiences within the app.

Realife's long-term mission is to add authentic and real experiences to alpine tourism, adding another profound aspect to the guests journey. Alpine tourism already offers an excellent "stage" in the form of accommodation and transport offers. The real "show", for example the experiences during the holidays, especially experiences which take place with authentic locals at exclusive locations, are still not consciously designed, staged, online offered, sold and organized. The offer will enormously increase the added value of tourism, the income from it can be distributed "democratized" to a broad mass of providers and all this without having to attract further tourists. This increases the satisfaction of the guests and the added value for the local population.

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Realife: Winner AdventureX 2018
Realife: Winner AdventureX 2018
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